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27 June 2013 @ 07:43 pm
LJ's largest Gazette sale!  
LJ’s biggest Gazette sale!

So, I decided that it was time to start culling some of my collection. Up for grabs are a range of goodies, some common and some super, super rare! I’ve got everything from CD’s to posters, magazines to photobooks. I have merchandise including phone straps, shoes, handbags, a scarf, collector cards, guitar picks and even a photo personally signed by all members. There is also the ever elusive Ruki x GemCerey bracelet that I’m taking expressions of interest in.

Things to note:

Buying and shipping:

* I am located in Brisbane, Australia. I ship internationally.
* I accept AUD only, via paypal or, for those in Australia, Direct Deposit.
* I DO NOT accept concealed cash.
* I can hold the items for you for a maximum period of 4 days ^_^
* Prices do not include shipping and paypal fees will form part of your invoice
* ALL shipping quotes will be for sea mail (the cheapest) unless otherwise asked. I can and will do airmail, express and registered at buyers expense. Sea mail can take up to three months as opposed to Air Mail which will arrive to most places within one week.
* Shipping costs will vary depending on the location and the size and weight of the items purchased.
* In the event that the shipping is returned due to undeliverable address, the customer will be liable for additional shipping costs to resend the items to them.
* I can ship insured and provide tracking at extra cost (paid by the buyer).
* I will ship your item once I have received your payment.
* I work a lot and crazy hours. So please be patient with replies. Also, due to shift work commitments, I generally only get to the post office once a week. I will let you know what days I am expecting to go. If you pay the day after I’ve just been then chances are you’ll have a 4-5 day wait before I’m able to ship your item. Please keep this in mind!
* I WILL reply to our thread or PM once your item is on its way, so you won’t be left in the dark.
* I STRONGLY suggest using registered post for more expensive/rare goods. I will not be held responsible for any items lost in the mail or broken and refunds will not be given. Seamail CAN NOT be tracked if it goes missing. Neither can Air Mail. You can purchase tracking and insurance and I do encourage this.


* All comments and feedbacks are welcome. If you have any queries, please comment/PM here or contact me at liberation_chord@hotmail.com.
* I feel my asking prices are very reasonable however I’m open to price negotiations when you’re purchasing more than one item.
* Please check this selling journal for more amazing (and often rare) items by other great bands!

Hand autographed photo card.
 photo 2013-06-05172713_zpsbfcd3ee5.jpg  photo 2013-06-05172723_zps44453e37.jpg
Perfect condition, signed by each member with a silver nikko. Please make offers/bids in the relevant comment thread below.


Buy any two full priced merchanise items (from any band!) and get 25% off the third item!  Additional items of equal or lessor value of course.

Blackmoral Abnormal Culture purple clutch bag. $100
 photo 2013-06-25185132_zps1e852704.jpg  photo 2013-06-25185145_zps474ffb44.jpg  photo 2013-06-25185227_zps710832ba.jpg
Super rare and crazily old. As new as it’s never been used (still has the air bags in it to keep it poofy). Zips closed then has the magnetic clasp on the flap. Small pocket inside for cards money etc.

Blackmoral room shoes. $80
 photo 2013-06-25184958_zpsf0e61c36.jpg
Gold studded slippers from the latest tour. Won once for the giggles.

Blackmoral Scarf (2007-2008 tour). $100
 photo SANY0159-1.jpg
Perfect condition. Hardly ever worn. Super rare!

Blackmoral/Disney 2012-2013 Melt t-shirt. $100
 photo 2013-06-25190222_zpsaa51f144.jpg  photo 2013-06-25190243_zpsd27e8fb4.jpg
Rock star Micky with his Mini ‘ho’. Worn twice. Only sold at the Melt final so pretty rare.

SatanBitchies bandana. $35
 photo 2013-06-05172050_zps6772215f.jpg  photo 2013-06-05172058_zps5974dafa.jpg
Like new condition. Never used other than to be pinned to my wall.

Gazette towel. Maximum Royal Disorder 2005 tour $35
 photo 2013-06-05172139_zps06216208.jpg  photo 2013-06-05172131_zps6e1d4da7.jpg
Photos really badly. It is showing its age and it is faded in some spots. Good news is that it’s not caused by wear. I’m sure it is from being hung on my wall. Still in perfect useable/displayable condition though. SOLD

Gazette mirror. Maximum Royal Disorder 2005 tour $35
 photo 2013-06-05172234_zpsbe236f83.jpg
Again, photos REALLY badly but it is in fantastic condition. Will attempt a second photo if needed.

Blackmoral transfer set. $25
 photo 2013-06-25185053_zpscf4ce412.jpg
Open but completely intact. Comes with everything shown.

Blackmoral silver phone strap. $20
 photo 2013-06-25184858_zpsa945a85d.jpg
Has black sparkles down the side. Never used and only taken out of the pouch for the photo.

Blackmoral Burst into a Blaze fan. $10
 photo 2013-06-05172320_zps925d6480.jpg  photo 2013-06-05172309_zps5b46b573.jpg
Showing its age, sadly, but still in ok condition.

Reita and Uruha guitar picks. $10 each or both for $17
 photo 2013-06-05201706_zps5d289b29.jpg  photo 2013-06-05201644_zps3da8b132.jpg
Reita has a hole in it, ready to be turned into a necklace etc.

Only the Gazette is featured here.  Please see the MERCHANDISE AND PHOTOBOOK POST for more bands.


Get both Gazette photobooks for $60!

Decomposition Beauty photobook – tour 2006. $35
Perfect condition.

Stacked Rubbish photobook 2007-2008. $30
Perfect condition.
Only the Gazette is featured here.  Please see the MERCHANDISE AND PHOTOBOOK POST for more bands.


Buy any full priced CD (from any band!) and get 15% off any additional CD's.  Additional CD's of equal or lessor value of course.

NIL First Press Limited Edition – Velvet Cover. $80
 photo 2013-04-30131908_zps7674ed4c.jpg photo 2013-04-30131939_zps3092e61d.jpg photo 2013-04-30131957_zps2a290df4.jpg
MINT condition.

All singles are in great to perfect condition UNLESS otherwise stated. Those with included obi’s are marked with a ‘cross’ (+). I actually have 2 copies of most CDs. Double up pictures can be shown for proof of ownership purposes if requested.

Flat rate prices.
Regular Editions: $9
Limited Editions and classics: $13
Others as marked

With a lot of the singles, I have multiple copies of each though I haven't taken all those photos.  Photos can be provided if interested.
 photo 2013-06-25185355_zps9d978e74.jpg  photo 2013-06-25185500_zpsc08fd43e.jpg  photo 2013-06-25185525_zps01f2934e.jpg

Reila - Lesson D (Not pictured but feel free to ask for proof - part of re-release campaign.  $16)
Cassis - CD B-Type aka the red one + (I have two of these, though not pictured) Pictured one selling for $10 due to slight water damage on the front and back covers. Other version is selling for $16. Includes 3 tracks (Cassis, the best song EVER Toguro and Bite to All) Please request which one you would like.
Cassis - aka the blue one + - Price: $15 (just has Cassis and Toguro)
Cassis - The yellow one (again, forgot to add into the photo.  Has Cassis and Toguro + a DVD.  Selling for $20)
LEECH - RE (Forgot to put it into the pictures, but NEW and SEALED.  $13)
LEECH – LE (I have two of these, though not pictured)
Guren – RE (I have two of these, though not pictured)
Guren - LE (I have one of these, though I forgot to put it into the picture pile...)
Filth in the Beauty - RE (I have two of these, pictured)
Red - LE

REGRET – LE (I have 3 of these, though not pictured)
Vortex - LE (forgot to put into the photo pool)
Hyena – LE
Hyena – RE (I have two of these, though not pictured)
DISTRESS AND COMA – RE (I have two of these, though not pictured) One pictured has a watermark that effects the front and back bottom of the covers. Selling for $7. Second one is fine and price is $10. Please request which one you would like.

Only Gazette is featured here.  Please see the CD POST for other bands.


Buy any full priced magazine (from any band!) and get 10% off any additional magazines. Includes Rock and Reads!!!!  Additional magazines of equal or lessor value of course.

Real Read 001 aka Rock and Read before it was Rock and Read.  $65

 photo 2013-08-07162125_zps9f90f27f.jpg photo 2013-08-07162203_zpsdbcc79cc.jpg photo 2013-08-07162224_zpsc671c911.jpg
Super super super rare.  First ever print of this fab magazine.  Back section dedicated to Ruki.  In MINT condition.

Rock Read 005 featuring all of the Gazette. $50
 photo 2013-04-30132716_zps5a70afe5.jpg photo 2013-04-30132900_zps7aa91215.jpg photo a2598020-4181-42a5-8274-cb7a0a78a1f4_zps4f94fb7c.jpg photo 2013-04-30132834_zps948f7ccd.jpg photo 2013-04-30132925_zpsabd394ce.jpg photo 11781532-d813-4a1e-a4ac-d69ea10efe72_zps99e724a6.jpg photo 2013-04-30132734_zps2a9f1ecc.jpg
Super super rare and hard to find. MINT condition.

Rock and Read 014 $30
 photo 2013-08-07162027_zpsbd5ca25c.jpg
Features Reita.  Mint condtion.

SHOXXbis No 11 $20

34 pages of Gaz.

The Gazette Guitar book. $16
 photo 2013-06-05201304_zpsccd8e669.jpg  photo 2013-06-05201339_zps5de7a8fe.jpg  photo 2013-06-05201352_zpsd4e8e5c7.jpg
Perfect condition.

Glare with Aoi and Uruha. $16
 photo 2013-06-05201409_zps405e7811.jpg  photo 2013-06-05201431_zpsadb3169a.jpg  photo 2013-06-05201604_zpsa49fd5b0.jpg
Perfect condition.

ZY[zi:] No.43.  $18

 photo 2013-08-07162559_zpsdd1c73df.jpg photo 2013-08-07162635_zps66183211.jpg photo 2013-08-07162708_zps3701ea02.jpg
Peace and Smile feature.  Poster (PSC vocalists/An Cafe), card and CD included.  Perfect condition: CD pocket never even opened.

ZY[zi:] No.50.  $18

 photo 2013-08-07162316_zps1ebd625d.jpg photo 2013-08-07162433_zps8a48d2d9.jpg photo 2013-08-07162528_zpsf4fa7e8f.jpg
MUCC front cover.  Features solo Ruki photoshoot.  Poster (MUCC/Girugamesh) and CD included.  Perfect condition: CD pocket never even opened.

ZY[zi:] No.53.  $18

 photo 2013-08-07162740_zps4a2b03b0.jpg photo 2013-08-07162830_zps577ee8b0.jpg photo 2013-08-07163019_zps5294a8f4.jpg
The Gazette front cover.  Poster (The Gazette/Alice Nine), photo card and CD included.  Perfect condition: CD pocket never even opened.

Only Gazette is featured here.  Please see the MAGAZINES AND POSTER POST for other bands.

Flat rate prices
Unfolded calendar posters: $7 each. Each poster can be folded for shipping or left intact in a poster tube.  Buy one poster and each additional poster is only $5. Note: the autograph on the Reita poster is printed only and not hand signed.
Laminated Posters: $9 each. Can only be shipped in a poster tube. Buy one laminated post and each addition laminated post is only $7 or $5 for each calendar poster.  Poster rolls are an extra $3 and can fit unlimited posters.
Magazine folded posters: $5 each.

Suicide Circus calendar posters.
 photo 2013-06-05172805_zpsa1d1cf92.jpg  photo 2013-06-05172836_zps32cb2444.jpg  photo 2013-06-05172904_zps48488ea8.jpg  photo 2013-06-05172929_zpse7a3152c.jpg  photo 2013-06-05172954_zpsdff1f10b.jpg  photo 2013-06-05172608_zpsa14d5856.jpg
Sorry, Ruki is MINE! XD

Posters from the 2008 Calendar. All are in perfect condition with no creases and show no signs of wear.

Random Gazette Idol Shop Posters. All are laminated.

The GazettE double sided poster Ruki/Group

Gazette Double sided poster Aoi/Uruha.

Light wear.

Folded group poster 1
 photo 2013-06-05172645_zps9b8faa31.jpg

Folded group poster Guren
 photo 2013-06-05173126_zpsf76c6a06.jpg

Only Gazette is featured here.  Please see the MAGAZINE AND POSTERS POST for other bands.

Random photo cards. Willing to make deals on all these.

 photo 2013-06-05201914_zps57524b76.jpg
Filth in the Beauty cards, numbers 6 to 20. $1.50 each, $4 for a row or $20 for the full set.

 photo 2013-06-25185801_zpsb1a098db.jpg
$1.50 each. $6.50 for the full top set.

 photo 2013-06-25185835_zpsbe92ba6e.jpg
$10.50 for the set or $2 each.

 photo 2013-06-05202614_zpseffbdf99.jpg
$1.50 each

 photo 2013-06-05202529_zpsa34abbfe.jpg
$1.50 each, $1 for Kai as he is a little damaged or $5.50 for the whole set

 photo 2013-06-25185912_zpsa7884a45.jpg
$1.50 each or one free card of your choice for each order over $25.

 photo 2013-06-25190029_zps0ccb09a8.jpg
Group photos $1.50 each or one free card of your choice for each order over $25. I also have 2 of G11. G10 is a printed autograph.

 photo 2013-06-25190057_zps5f296e4c.jpg
$1.50 each. Album cover stickers. SOLD

Taking expressions of interest.

GemCerey x The Gazette bracelet. Designed by Ruki and worn through Shiver.

 photo 2013-06-25190332_zps21e467b8.jpg  photo 2013-06-25190456_zps175cf7c0.jpg  photo 2013-06-25190509_zps41075625.jpg  photo 2013-06-25190827_zps64cece45.jpg  photo 2013-06-25190914_zps3a7a083b.jpg  photo 2013-06-25190926_zps5f5159cc.jpg

Please don’t ask me how much I want for this as I’m not decided. I purchased this brand new for AUD450 and other than trying it on and dreaming, I have never worn it. I will not sell it for anything less than I paid and, honestly, I’m looking to make a profit on it. Yes, it is second hand now but it’s in mint condition, is a collector’s item and pretty impossible to find.

I don’t really want to sell this bracelet but I never wear it and I’m trying to pay off some bills while saving for a holiday. If you really want it, then hit me with your offer and I may or may not be able to say no to it.

So, if you are interested comment below or shoot me a PM.

japan_treasuresjapan_treasures on June 27th, 2013 09:47 am (UTC)
Autographed photo
Please leave an offer here if you are interested.
yukkenyutaka_no_drums on June 28th, 2013 10:34 am (UTC)
Hello =D

I am interested in the Disorder towel and the two Album cover stickers.
Are they still available?
Shipping would be to Germany =3
japan_treasuresjapan_treasures on June 28th, 2013 01:14 pm (UTC)
All are still available :)

Shipping seamail would be $13.50. Total would be $54 including paypal fees. Please advise if you would like a quote for airmail.

Also, if you are interested, I'd be willing to sell the Disorder mirror for $30 with the towel and I'll only charge for one of the stickers if you take the set.
yukkenyutaka_no_drums on June 29th, 2013 07:14 am (UTC)
Yay *^*
Thanks for your quick reply!!
Ahhhh I knew I forgot something XD I would like EMS shipping please, since seamail takes forever x..x
Airmail would be even more than EMS, ne?

And.. You would sell the mirror for 30 and the towel for 30? So 60 for both? Or both for 30 x..x?
japan_treasuresjapan_treasures on June 29th, 2013 08:29 am (UTC)
Australia doesn't really do EMS much, and no, airmail is a lot cheaper. If you really want EMS then shipping alone will be about $83. Airmail shipping you can get for $20 or $28 with tracking. Airmail usually takes 3-10 business days to arrive. So airmail is the way to go if you want fast but affordable.

So, new quote: $62.40 for regular airmail, $69.60 for trackable airmail or $126.25 for EMS.

The towel is $35, but I will knock $5 off the price of the mirror (also currently $35) if you decide to buy both. So $35 for the towel + $30 for the mirror and one of the stickers for free. Total of $66.50. If you decide to buy it, it won't alter the shipping quote, but the paypal fees will increase a little.
yukkenyutaka_no_drums on June 29th, 2013 11:38 am (UTC)
Ahhh yeah it was this way round. I always mix it up XD"
Then I would like Airmail please, with tracking.

About the mirror: Okay, I thought so XD And no, I just would like to have the towel and the stickers, please =3
You can send the invoice to noir.s@freenet.de , please =3
japan_treasuresjapan_treasures on June 29th, 2013 11:46 am (UTC)
Ok, I have sent the invoice over.

I'll also be trying to do a post office run on Monday afternoon. If I don't make that then it will be Tuesday. Either way, I'll let you know once your item is on its way.
♥Angelineangelbott on July 5th, 2013 12:41 am (UTC)
I'm sorry for make you high hope about I gonna buy some from you. ^^;
That's a lot Gazette stuffs! O.O
I'm sorry for you have to sell them to pay the bill.. D:
I wish you have a good luck and sell them to new good homes. ^^
I would love to buy few of them..but I am kind of tight on month. x.x;

By the way, I don't remember or maybe I forget...do you have collection like this the GazettE page? :D *hopefully* I want visit web of pages you own collection. xD
tatticzou_chan_3 on August 11th, 2013 03:51 pm (UTC)
Hi, I would be interested of that Red LE, is it still available? How much would be shipping to Finland?
japan_treasures: Japan - parasoljapan_treasures on August 15th, 2013 12:53 am (UTC)

Sorry for the late reply. Yes it is still available and shipping would be $13.15 to Finland, including packaging.

The total, including paypal fees would be: $27.15.

If there's anything else you're interested in then I'd be willing to negotiate a good deal for you.
tatticzou_chan_3 on August 15th, 2013 08:52 am (UTC)
aa, ok. My money situation is totally fucked up atm so it seems I can't buy it even though I have been looking for this for ages. Unless, can you like reserve it for me? I get money next time at the end of this month...
japan_treasuresjapan_treasures on August 19th, 2013 07:13 am (UTC)
All good. No one else is interested in that atm, so if you change your mind or get money under control, I'm sure it'll still be here.
cmcandyxholicxx on August 18th, 2013 05:59 am (UTC)
Hello, I'm interested in the Black Moral/Disney Melt t-shirt. Is it still available?
japan_treasuresjapan_treasures on August 19th, 2013 06:35 am (UTC)
Yes it is still available. Where are you from and I can work out a shipping quote.
(Deleted comment)
japan_treasuresjapan_treasures on September 30th, 2013 12:40 am (UTC)

Ok, both are still available but before I give you a quote, do you want the poster sent rolled or do you want me to fold it. If it goes rolled then I can either send two separate packages (the magazine in one, the poster in a tube) or I send them together in a box. Either way it will cost you about twice as much in shipping as it would if I folded it into the magazine. Also, if you do ship them separately then you'd be able to buy a number of posters without it altering the weight, which might make it a little bit more worth the shipping cost.

Let me know what you think and what you'd prefer.
(Deleted comment)
japan_treasuresjapan_treasures on October 1st, 2013 12:53 am (UTC)
Hmmm, it's a hard choice. (I'm sort of just thinking out loud here) I think it would probably be more cost effective just shipping wise to do them separately, to be honest. I think if we put it in a box then they take size and measurements into account as well, which will probably up the price.

As for tracking, Australia post doesn't seem to offer that for Brazil. Kinda odd. I can do it with signature on arrival though, which means you can't track it online, but it does make it a lot more secure. It's an extra $10 on top of usual postage for that service, which is then another issue. If we divide it in two then you'd have to pay that twice.

Both really have their up sides and down sides which sucks.

But ok, some quotes, not taking that last folded poster into account. The total of the goods is $28 and working everything as airmail...

In a box, with signature on delivery, shipping would be about $58, making the total, with paypal fees $89.90.

Separately the magazine would be about $25 and the posters in a tube would be about $23. Neither includes signatures which, now that I'm speaking it all out, means that the box should still be cheaper by about $10.

Did any of that make sense? lol.

I hate Australia post most times. It's soooo expensive to send things anywhere.

Anyway, not sure if you saw this: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v62/Minka_g/2013-06-05173126_zpsf76c6a06.jpg but that's the full version of that picture. I can't really get much bigger than that with my phone camera unfortunately.

Let me know what you think or if there is anything else you'd like to throw in to make the shipping price a little bit more worthwhile.
Ann-Katrin LuxAnn-Katrin Lux on September 30th, 2013 05:59 pm (UTC)
Hey there ^___^
I'm interested in some of your GazettE singles ^^
Vortex LE
Pledge RE
Shiver RE + LE
Hyena RE
Filth In The Beauty RE

I'm from Germany so how much would all of this be including the cheapest shipping method?
Thanks in advance :3
japan_treasuresjapan_treasures on October 1st, 2013 12:36 am (UTC)
Re: Hey there ^___^

Filth in the Beauty RE is currently on hold for someone else. If payment doesn't go through then I'll let you know. If it does then I'd be willing to throw in the LE of the single for the same price as the RE if you would like that.

Cheapest postage is seamail but please understand that it can take up to two months to arrive. For that many CD's and the weight, it would be $25 including all packaging (bubblewrap etc). So for the totals:

With FitB cd: $90.90 ($62 of CDs + postage + paypal fees)
Without FitB: $81.60 ($53 of CDs + postage + paypal fees)

Let me know what you think.
Ann-Katrin LuxAnn-Katrin Lux on October 3rd, 2013 01:28 pm (UTC)
Re: Hey there ^___^
Hey c:
thanks for the fast answer, but that actually is a lot of money >< didn't know that the shipping cost is that much xX
sorry for the bother o:
maxsawadamaxsawada on November 27th, 2013 02:45 pm (UTC)
Hey! I'm interested in a laminated Aoi Poster (Idol Shop)!

The first one of these, is it still available? :)

japan_treasuresjapan_treasures on November 27th, 2013 10:14 pm (UTC)

Yes, it is still available. Please tell me your country so I can work out a shipping quote for you. Also, remember that since it's laminated, it will need to be sent in a roll; it will make the shipping a bit more expensive then usual. Let me know if there are any other posters you would like to add to the roll; I'd be willing to cut you a good deal!
maxsawadamaxsawada on December 4th, 2013 03:32 pm (UTC)
Aoi Poster
okay ! :)
then tell me the shipping costs for Germany ^^
japan_treasuresjapan_treasures on December 5th, 2013 12:08 am (UTC)
Re: Aoi Poster
You'll be looking at $14.80 for seamail (that's including the poster tube) or $22.50 for airmail, also including the poster tube. Paypal fees are on top of that and worked out at the final value + $0.50+3.9%.

One poster will cost you, seamail, $25.24 all inclusive. Airmail: $33.24.

Again, much better value if you buy more to make the tube worth it.